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Oil Painting Plain & Simple

Instructor: Phil Garrett
WMAC Guest Artist

Date: August 12th and 13th 2017
This class spans 2 sessions!

Time: 10:00am - 4:00pm both days

Cost: $235

Supplies:  All  paints ,mediums, gels and grounds supplied by Williamsburg Oil and Golden Paints .

Students need to bring: brushes suitable for oil paint ( hog bristle) and a 11/2 - 2 inch synthetic house painting brush  for priming panels. One Roll of paper towels , a pad of disposable palette paper and several pairs of nitrile gloves( enough for two days painting), Tablet or notebook for notes etc. 3 small to medium glass jars or cans for mediums and cleanup .

Questions? Contact the Instructor.

[email protected]

NOTE: a minimum of 6 workshop participants are required for this class to make.

Workshop Description

Oil painting with a limited Palette of Colors and without using Solvents.

I think of this  two day workshop as a solid introduction to a practical and safe approach to painting with oils.

We will cover a simple palette of colors that will meet most of your color mixing needs in an economical and practical way. We will simplify the concept of the color wheel and evaluate the difference between mineral and modern pigments and the kind of painting situations and reasons for choosing one type of pigment over the other.

We will discuss the best supports for modern painting and the best way to seal, prime and prepare them for painting . We will apply and paint on some of the more edgy acrylic grounds and gels that give oil painters fresh options and textures for their paintings.
We will do all this without using mineral spirits, turpentine, or any volatile solvent to modify our paint or to clean brushes and tools and most importantly our hands and skin .

Suitable for beginner to intermediate painters.