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            WEST MAIN ARTISTS CO-OP        


WMAC Upcoming Art Exhibitions & Press Releases

The Co-op provides affordable studio space and exhibition space for local artists.  Locally made art is for sale in the Gallery Shop and the galleries.  The Co-op also participates in Spartanburg Art Walk.  West Main Artists Co-op is a nonprofit organization, funded in part by the City of Spartanburg and the South Carolina Arts Commission which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Performance & Motion

Thomas Koenig
March 15 - April 14, 2018

Photography artist Thomas Koenig's exhibit will explore multi-exposure and motion-blur photography taken during live performances. Multiple-exposure photography is the super-imposition of two or more exposures to create a single image. Motion-blur photography is the apparent streaking of rapidly moving objects in a still image.

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Wonder of Sea and Stars

Barbie Workman
March 15 - April 14, 2018

Workman’s art in encaustic wax often uses restricted color pallets, creating ebbing and flowing motion associated with water currents and fluid environments. This exhibit is an invitation to disconnect from the distractions of modern life, opening up to the beautiful mysteries and wonders of our natural world!

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The Storyteller

Kathleen Moore
March 6 - March 31, 2018

Well known local ceramic artist Kathleen Moore will give the public an intimate look at how art is a storytelling medium.  This exhibition combines more than 100 works of art in clay with a variety of mixed media and found artifacts.

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Upcoming Main Venue Exhibitions for 2018

Grace Jerome Lloyd "Living Paper Creatures"

(Animal inspired sculptural forms from reclaimed materials) April 3rd – 28th Gallery reception is on Saturday, April 14th with the artist


Mac Boggs (Title to be decided)

(Iron/steel welded sculptural forms, process documents and Maquette's).

May 2nd – 31st Gallery reception is on Thursday May 16th


Jeremy Kemp (Title to be decided)

(Abstract graphic forms on metal) June 5th – 29th the gallery reception is on Thursday, June 21st


Plein Air Paint-out Group Exhibition (Jessica Barns, Doris Turner, Shannon Patrick, Doris Turner, AK McMillan, Cynthia Link) (Title to be decided)

July 3rd – 27th Gallery reception is on Thursday July 19th


Mike Massengale (Title to be decided)

(Illustration mixed media interactive graphics media video) August 7th – 31st

1st – 31st Gallery reception is on the Thursday, June 16th


Monta Anthony, Ann Richards Crenshaw, Karen White and Buck Brandt (Title to be decided)

(Oil/acrylic on canvas) September 4th – 29th Gallery reception is on the 20th


Annette Giaco & Beth Regula (Title to be decided)

Mixed media installations works on canvas October 2nd – 31st Gallery receptions to be scheduled at a later date.

November – West Main Artist Co-op all Members Show "Open Doors 2"

Gallery reception is on Thursday October 15th


December – West Main Artist Co-op all Members Show "Open Doors 2"

Gallery reception is on Thursday October 20th


Upcoming 2018 Exhibitions


APR - Steven Chapp: Printmaking

MAY - Patrick DeCrane: Watercolor

JUN - Melissa McEllhiney: Ceramics

JUL - Garry Turpin

AUG - Nancy K: Oils & Nancy W: Ceramics

SEP - Dave Sawyer: Ceramics

OCT - John Lever and Others


APR - Shelley Sperka: Glass

MAY - Elizabeth Bagwell: Watercolor

JUN - Eugene Johnson: Photography

JUL - Maddartist Gilliam: Acrylics

AUG - Joan Wheatley: Miniatures

SEP - Kaydee Hughes: Photography

OCT - John Lever and Others