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Artist Statement

I was born far-sighted in one eye, near-sighted in the other and cross-eyed! I had years of therapy so that I could hold my eyes straight and got my first glasses before I was two years old. Mother told me that I sat and stared at bushes and trees that day because I never knew they had leaves! I've been fascinated with nature, design and art ever since.

For most of my life I have been a biology and chemistry teacher. Biology appealed to me because of all the lab drawings that were required. Chemistry appealed to me because of the logic and perfection in nature that it showed. I taught art for only a few years because I wasn't certified to teach it. But I managed to stay active in the arts through classroom displays, prom decorations, home décor, designing…and I loved it all!

Now that the classroom has been left behind, I'm thrilled to finally have time to play! I want to play with paints, clay, blown eggs and other crafts of all kinds. I use the word, "play", because it brings me joy. There are no rules. There are no boundaries. There is simply a complete freedom to express myself and use my talents to create something new. There is complete joy in being able to make others happy. There is complete gratitude for being so blessed.


Carol grew up in a family of ten. Her father was a gifted artist and her mother was a craftsperson who was constantly looking for ideas for Bible School and our local summer camp. She would use all of her children to "test drive" ideas. Whichever child could do a project the best, that age group at church or camp had the craft assigned to them!

After moving every two years, her family settled in Birmingham, AL when she was in the 5th grade. She was extremely involved in many areas of the arts in high school. She then received her bachelor's degree from the University of Montevallo and her master's degree from Auburn University. For 40 years she was involved with education, teaching sciences in high school and Auburn, working for national educational associations and serving as a coordinator for after school programs. After retirement, she worked for several years at the Alabama Shakespeare Festival.

She is a recent arrival to Spartanburg and has great hopes that she will be able to finally enjoy the arts to the fullest at the West Main Artists Co-Op.