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Artist Statement

Photography has been a lifelong pursuit.  At one point it was my career, now it’s my passion.  My goal is to not just document, but to present an interpretation of feeling and provoke thought through photography.  My work draws upon the influence of several styles that manipulate light, form, and color in a way that attempts to elevate my subjects beyond the physical margins of the photograph. I spent the last year studying light, its qualities, requirements, and sources. Heavily influenced by Baroque period artists, my current work incorporates the use of chiaroscuro and tenebrism to mold and master light sources. Combining these techniques allows me to approach each shoot with the same curiosity and enthusiasm that led me to pick up a camera so many years ago.


Eugene Johnson moved to South Carolina at a young age. Originally from Columbus Ohio, his family relocated in the late 70’s and Spartanburg has been his home ever since.

Eugene is a graduate of the University of South Carolina where he studied Computer Science and Journalism. Although he had picked up photography in his teens, it wasn’t until halfway through college that the real interest started. While still in college, Eugene began his photojournalism career shooting for the school and local papers. Since then he has worked in print, and broadcast news, having been published in Photography magazine as well as several other publications. Recently, after a long hiatus, he returned to photography at the West Main Artist Co-Op to continue and perfect his passion.