578 West Main Street
Spartanburg, SC  29301
(864) 804 - 6501

            WEST MAIN ARTISTS CO-OP        



At the West Main Artists Co-op, we share space, but more importantly we share opportunity. Members participate because they want to make art and to support each other, and these are necessary components of a successful co-op.  Any artist who shares these ideals and who wants to expand and enhance the local art community is welcome at the Co-op.

Meet Our Member Artists

A - E

Elizabeth Bagwell
Jeanne Brown
Brannon Carter
Robin Childers
Louisa Coburn
Deede Cohen
Chandler Crawford
Amanda Dawkins
Patrick DeCrane
Craig Denesha
Addam Duncan
Jill B. Dutton
Susan Eleazer
Anna Abhau Elliott
Wadette Etcheverry

F - J

Marcy Fedalei
Nathan Galloway
Travis Galloway
Annette Giaco
Ashley Gilreath
Glenda Guion
Lois Ann Hesser
Christina Hoff
Al Hofmann
Rita Howard
Crystal Irby
Eugene Johnson
Tom Johnson

K - O

Carol Kelly
Thomas Koenig
Elliott Leader
Agnes Martin
Claudia McAninch
Melissa McEllhiney
Rosemary McLeod
Sydney McMath
Ludovic Nkoth

P - T

Ruza Pocivavsek
Ashley Puckett
Allison Ratterree
Chuck Reback
Beth Regula
David Sawyer
Shelley Sperka
Carol Story
Jonathan Swift
Joshua B. Tennant
Brandi Tucker

U - Z

Joan Wheatley
Nancy Williamson
Kathy Z. Wofford
Patty Wright