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Letterpress Classes

Interested in learning more about the art of letterpress printing?

If you want to get your hands dirty and experience letterpress printing for yourself, our small group and private letterpress lessons are just the thing.  You'll work with vintage wood and metal typographic fonts. You'll learn the basics of running an antique Vandercook flatbed printing press, as well as our 1906 Chandler & Price platen press.

Click below to learn more, or to let us know you'd be interested in our next upcoming class.

This class is taught by co-op member and letterpress artist Brannon Carter and his wife Robin.  Together, they run R&B Printery, an eco-friendly letterpress printing studio specializing in greeting cards and custom stationery for businesses, individuals and special events.

About the Printery

The Printery at WMAC is an unique letterpress operation which has been created to offer educational opportunites for the local community. The equipment and other resources have been gathered to give everyone hands on using lead type, platen presses, and the use of ink and paper to create printing as it was done in the last century.

In addition, historical material has been collected to broaden the knowledge of the materials used, trends in type styles, and how the written word has influenced mankind over the centuries.

The Printery also mounts monthly exhibits of different aspects of early printing including; wood type, copper engraving, early mechanized typesetting as well as book production and die cutting.

The Printery continues to add items of historical interest, and is always looking for donations of equipment, and historical material. They also have a series of DVD’s about different aspects of the printing industry.

Classes are available, as well as shop tours, with instructions on the equipment in The Printery. These can be scheduled through the West Main Artists Co-op.

WMAC letterpress artist Brannon Carter and his artist wife Robin own and run R&B Printery, an eco-friendly letterpress greeting card and stationery company.  Printing equipment in the West Main Artists Co-op is an integral component to the success of their small business.


Printing Equipment

The Printery was started with the acquisition of a Vandercook proofing press #2, and a complement of type faces and other miscellaneous items which were acquired from the Print Museum outside Boston, MA.. With the addition of a Chandler & Price platen press 8” x 12” which was purchased from a printing company in Gaffney, South Carolina, we expanded our capabilities to produce printed material, and also teach others about letterpress printing techniques.

We are currently working to restore a Chandler & Price 12” x 18” press to working condition.  This will allow us to print small signatures for books and other printed material.

We have been able to expand our foundry type library, from miscellaneous sources, some gifted, some purchased as they became available. We now have about 96 fonts of foundry type in various families, and also we have a small assortment of wood type.

We continue to look for equipment and type, and our latest acquisition is a 25 rack galley cabinet with galleys to store type jobs which have been set by students taking classes in letterpress composition.