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Party in ‘Shadowland’

Book Release During ArtWalk , 6-9pm

Shadowland, a short experimental novel by Spartanburg artist Bailie, will be released Thursday, March 21, at West Main Artists Co-op in Spartanburg. The author/artist will be there to meet and greet, and promote his book, which is about a small town with a secretive past, an old curse, and more than 95 quirky characters -- all of whom are being transformed into ragdoll-like creatures. Original published art work will be available for sale on the downstairs stage at WMAC during the month of March.

“Think of this book as a small town like Mayberry R.F.D., with a dark side, like Nightmare Before Christmas,” Bailie said, referencing the television series of the late 1960s about life in a small southern town and the 1993 animation movie that surreally mashed together Halloween and Christmas. “It is definitely character driven, and each uniquely weird character was drawn and published in the book as artwork. This is my third publishing project and undoubtedly my strangest. It is dark, odd, complex, and even funny in some parts. The story line is very engrossing; the artwork is unbelievable. It’s a mind-blowing book.”