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Paint Exciting Compositions in Watercolor

Instructor: Dwight Rose
WMAC Member Artist

Date: February 19 - 21, 2019 (3 day event)

Time: 3:30pm - 5:30pm

Cost: $110

Questions? Contact the Instructor.


NOTE: a minimum of 5 workshop participants are required for this class to make.


• Watercolor palette or ceramic mixing tray
• Sketching tool (HB or 2B pencil)
• Kneaded Eraser
• Paper Towels
• Watercolor Paint (use tubes only) set of six or more
• Watercolor Paper 11X14 or larger 140lbs cold press 100% rag paper
• Brushes: There are many shapes and qualities of brushes to choose from. I
• would suggest a couple of synthetic flats: see below recommended sizes
• 1,’’ watercolor brush
• 1/2” watercolor brush
• #6 Round watercolor brush
• Water Container
• * 1" White artist tape or Blue painters' tape (they could share if needed)
• Note book
• 16X20 Support for watercolor paper such as drawing or Gator Foam board.

Workshop Description

Dwight Rose will demonstrate ways to create a quick sketch using various shapes and values. Using these techniques together provides an effective way for planning the highlights of your painting before starting your final drawing. 

Students will learn how to briefly block in a composition before tackling any of the alluring details and playful shadows that appear to dance across the various landscapes and subjects within your work.

Using photographs as reference, Dwight will demonstrate how to create additional layers of color through the process of glazing by using multi-colored washes, which form intriguing textures to further develop your underpainting. He will also show how to add both realistic and natural elements in your work, from dark shadows and foreboding skies to sprawling fields and lustrous foliage; all with the intention of leading up to your final painting. 

The course emphasizes becoming more fluid, fresh and transparent in your color mixes. There will be plenty of individual attention, critiques, corrective techniques and in-depth demonstrations. Dwight will provide step-by-step approaches from the beginning to the completion of the entire painting process. Subjects painted will mainly be landscapes, and some prior experience in drawing and watercolor painting would be helpful but is not required.

Registration for this workshop is closed.