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Painting Landscapes in Oil

Instructor: Vicki  Van Vynckt
WMAC Guest Artist

Date: March 20 and 21, 2019 (2 day event)

Time: 10AM - 4PM (both days)

Cost: $140

Questions? Contact the Instructor.


NOTE: a minimum of 3 workshop participants are required for this class to make.


11x14 stretched canvas

mineral spirits





oil painting brushes (long handled)

several photos of landscapes to choose from.

THE INSTRUCTOR WILL PROVIDE:  the oil paints for this class.

Workshop Description

In this workshop you will paint a landscape in oils using techniques that create paintings with depth and vibrant color. You can bring your own photos to work from and you will receive expert guidance from the instructor in composition, color mixing, creating values in your work and more. Students need to have drawing experience.

Artist Statement

“As a painter, I draw upon images not only from the external world, but those that come from within my inner self. I have so many creative ideas that present themselves and I wonder if I could ever really manifest them all onto canvas during my lifetime. I have a great love for nature and am filled with inspiration to recreate my personal interpretation of what I feel and see. My dream life is very rich and interesting and I often wake up in the morning with scenes of future paintings flowing through my mind. My intention is to uplift the viewer into a higher place through my art. If we stop and take the time to contemplate the beauty around us, we can see what we haven’t noticed before, hear what we haven’t listened to before, and touch that part of ourselves that shares oneness with all of life.”