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ALANA HALL - aka "Lady Pluuto"

Artist Statement


As an artist, I become involved in either creating harmony or upsetting the equilibrium. I never plan my paintings or reference photographs. I just let them flow from intuition. They are usually of the sky and a body of water since they are my favorite things. Where others might see loneliness, I see opportunity for transformation. Experimenting with colors and simple shapes helps me sort through my emotions. Difficult thoughts will sometimes appear in my art, often in the form of glitter or rhinestones. Creating in this way gives me the opportunity to put my intentions into the universe and let go of anything that is no longer serving me. Similar to shedding my old skin to reveal the new.


Lady Pluuto is my alter ego. She represents spirit, receptivity and matter. She is my Gemini twin and is always more than willing to help me transform. It is as if I have died a thousand deaths, and each resurrection brings me closer to spirit. The spirit is the nameless; the all loving. When Lady Pluuto made herself known, she taught me a life-changing lesson: If we are receptive of what the spirit shares, we can turn imagination into matter.




Alana Hall was born in Austell, Georgia in 1991. Her love for art began at an early age. Despite having a strong bond with her parents and siblings, Alana was a lonely child and suffered from extreme social anxiety. She created friendships and safe places of solitude through her art, always searching to be understood.


After losing her father to cancer in the summer of 2011, Alana’s emotional suffering deepened into depression and suicidal thoughts. For comfort and a creative outlet for her emotions, she taught herself to paint in 2015. This interest in self-discovery led her up a spiritual path. In 2017, Alana began a routine of yoga, meditation and other spiritual practices. She joined West Main Street Artists Co-Op in 2019 and began her new journey as Lady Pluuto. Through her art, Alana aims to share her journey with others.



Contact:        ladypluuto@gmail.com