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Artist Statement

I use the figure to explore human emotions and transitional states. This process began with inks on board using distortion of the figure to best represent the fluid state of human growth, social evolution and emotion. I am currently expanding this concept using oils.  Many of the figures are based on my collection of vintage photos and “Asylum” images from the 19th century. I also use art models in various poses to convey particular meanings. While the body language is important I tend to focus on the eyes first because of the message they “mirror”. Most human beings create a “mask” to hide true feelings or emotional states. I try to represent what that mask may be hiding through distortion and abstraction.  This, of course, is my own interpretation of the meaning behind the pained, despondent or apathetic looks reflected in their eyes and the “language” of their pose.  Old family photos and stories associated with them inspire me to create my own narrative for each image in an attempt to attach some type of reality to that individual, my way of conveying meaning rather than realistic reproduction.  This is "my expressionism".


Annette Giaco was born in Alexandria, Louisiana in 1956 and completed her Bachelors degree at Louisiana Tech and post-graduate study at LSU-New Orleans in Urban Demographics. She studied art in California, Louisiana and Rome, Italy with an emphasis on painting. This path led her into newspaper publishing as Director of Print Quality for Gannett Company where she worked for 30 years. Her publishing career included the use of graphics software such as Photoshop. This tool plays a part in the method she uses to distort and prepare images during the planning stages of each painting and drawing, setting the stage for a new way of “seeing”. She is the current Marketing Chair for the West Main Artists Co-op and is a member of Tryon Painters & Sculptors. Spartanburg Art Museum recently acquired one of her pieces into their permanent collection. She is one of the participating artists featured in Lighten Up Spartanburg. Her bulb, Mawu Sun-Light, is installed on Main and Daniel Morgan.