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How Art Rebuffs the Mind Control They Unknowingly Force On You

Posted by Brannon Carter on January 10, 2015 at 11:30 AM


It’s different for everyone, but connects us all.

You understand that the experience goes beyond what you see at first glance. It builds from within. Grows little-by-little. Then you see it.

Art is more than color or texture or stuff.

Art moves that hidden part within us that can only be aroused when experiencing something great. Awe inspiring. Beautiful. Handcrafted creations designed to spark the inner workings of our hearts and souls.

"The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls." ~ Pablo Picasso

But they are trying to keep it from you.


Mass media. Corporate America. Those who make it their mission to tell you what to think and how you should feel.

They seem to give your soul what it needs, but instead leaves it longing for more.

You seek enlightenment. You want to be moved beyond your current state of mind; to escape the mundane. Even if just for a little while.

To have an experience that will change your perspective. That draws you away from them. Their mind games. Helps you escape the tedious busyness of your life, just for a few moments. To let go of what they’ve programmed you to think and allow yourself the freedom to bask in the creative glow of the moment.

To decide for yourself what you think. Feel. See. Understand.

But, how?

They Have a Monopoly on What You Think

These 5 companies control 90% of what you think.

Through media, publications, and advertising they convince you of the emotions you should feel and the reactions you should have with just about every major event, product, and personality in the world.


By controlling 100% of the marketing for their 90% hold on the products produced and sold in the United States and globally.

They own television networks, cable channels, movie studios, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, music labels and some of your favorite websites.

With Verizon’s court case win against the FCC and it’s stance on net neutrality, even the internet is susceptible to their influence and control.

In their landmark 1988 book 'Manufacturing Consent - The Political Economy of the Mass Media” Herman and Chomsky introduced their five filters which determine what we read and see.


    1. Ownership: they own just about every major corporation.
    2. Advertising: they influence what you think and read.
    3. Sourcing: they get to decide what is newsworthy.
    4. Flak: they create negative media against all opposition.
    5. The Enemy: they stamp any perceived threat as an enemy of freedom.


These five corporations even help to decide who gets rich and who doesn’t.

But American’s aren’t buying it anymore.

And neither should you.

A 2014 Gallup poll revealed that American trust of the mass media is at an all-time low of 40%.

"Americans may be growing disenchanted with what they consider "mainstream" news as they seek out their own personal veins of getting information."

This is why art matters.

The Role of Art in Your LIfe

You are either making art or experiencing art.

And it’s not only for “artists”.

You feel it when you write that killer brief. Design the presentation that lands the big client. Cook a meal that enlivens the senses.

We all create art, every day.

You may not view your mundane endeavors as art. You don’t have a studio. Or paintbrushes or clay. But you create, nonetheless.

You create to escape the rigors of the day. To show off your vision. To express what they try to keep locked up inside of you. To not give in to the way things have always been.

You create to make a difference.

Singer-songwriter Michael Gungor talks about the importance of art in his book “The Crowd, the Critic, and the Muse: A Book for Creators”:

"Art matters. It is not simply a leisure activity for the privileged or a hobby for the eccentric. It is a practical good for the world. The work of the artist is an expression of hope - it is homage to the value of human life, and it is vital to society. Art is a sacred expression of human creativity that shares the same ontological ground as all human work. Art, along with all work is the ordering of creation toward the intention of the creator."

But they create systems aimed at keeping you from creating.

“I’m busy.” “I’m late for school, ...work, ... they gym.”

“I’ve got to get a job, get a promotion, … to get the stuff.” The stuff that will make me happy.

They want us to buy the things that they say will make the difference. The things that are obsolete once you buy them. The things that need to be upgraded. Accessorized. Envied by others.

By the time we are in middle school, many of us have lost it. By high school, we have better, more important things to do.

Revive your child-like creative spirit. Recapture your soul. Find a way to break from what they tell you and decide for yourself. Create for yourself.

Hesitant that it evens matters?

How to Find Inspiration

Try this!

Visit an art show. Go to a museum. Browse the art books at your favorite bookstore.

Get your phone and take some really cool photos. Make an awesome video. Post them on Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram.

See if you don’t feel a difference.

Join in on a local evening of art.

It’s called Art Walk. And it happens every third Thursday in Spartanburg, SC.

A community of artists creating art to inspire you. To lift your spirits. To help wipe the dust off your daily life and awaken your soul.

Join the West Main Artists Co-op this coming Thursday, January 15th for its annual New Members’ Show.

Come let the art wash over you. Step out of the humdrum and experience a night of visual, tactile, and auditory revival of that inner artist you knew as a child.

Click to learn how to get there.

Come and feel the difference. See for yourself. Experience it for yourself.

Decide what you think. What you feel. Let the emotions in that moment dictate how your life will be changed. How you will do and think about things differently tomorrow.

You never know! You may just walk away a new man. Or woman.


Flickr creative commons image courtesy of healthblog.


About the Author.

Brannon Carter is a letterpress artist at the West Main Artists Co-op. He uses antique printing processes and equipment to handcraft greeting cards, note cards, and stationery to inspire your handwritten memories. Learn more about what inspires Brannon’s creative spirit at www.rbprintery.com.


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Reply Katee Hargraves
4:37 PM on August 21, 2015 
Incredible read. I hope to meet you soon. This was perfect.
Reply Brannon Carter
5:52 PM on January 10, 2015 
Glad you liked the article, Deede. It's hard to know what to think sometimes, with so many people offering you *their* opinion. Sometimes we just need the space to decide things for ourselves. That's why I like making art. *I* get to decide!
Reply Deede Cohen
1:39 PM on January 10, 2015 
Your article is BRILLIANT Brannon! (I thought Ok was reading an international writer's piece, or something, and was delighted to see it's our YOU.)
You're 100% correct abt the media telling us what to think, what to buy,, who to be. Turned off my tel a VISION years ago, except occasional films, and some awesome HBO, SHOWTIME, but try to keep it keep it to abt 2 hours a week. Bravo, well done!