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Artist Statement

What motivates one to move from the comfortable world of being homemaker, grandmother and Bible teacher to the intimidating work of painting? A desire to have real art on my walls? The challenge of assimilating what I see and trying to reproduce it on canvas? Just a late mid-life crisis?

I believe that both teachers and artists are born, not made. Elements of painting both educate and express emotion. My compulsive, right-brain nature leads me to faithful copying of what I see, while I struggle to show through color and contrast the feelings which have drawn me to a particular scene. While I appreciate abstract art, I am by nature a realistic painter, attempting to stretch myself to impressionism. Oils are most forgiving and it is a contentious joy to work from a photo which speaks to a painting which says more. When the work is done, hopefully, it will say something of me.


Carol, a thirty-five year resident of Spartanburg, comes late to painting. While her father headed art departments at two Georgia colleges, her genes never prompted any pursuit of art herself. Graduating from the University of Georgia with an Education degree, her life’s work has been in teaching, writing, and community service. Her nearly fifty-year marriage has blessed her with three children and seven grandchildren, a joyous priority for her time. She is an avid reader and cook and her love of travel provides much inspiration for her painting.

In the last ten years, she has taken oil painting classes with Claire Hopkins at the Spartanburg Art Museum and with plein air painter Jim Carson in Saluda, NC. She joined WMAC two years ago as incentive to paint more and to learn from others.



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