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Artist Statement

The meaning and purpose of art is beautiful and dynamic. From paint on a brush to the thread of a needle, the purpose of art is to create an emotion. Born to a mother that taught me the art of sewing has lead me to a life path of working with different textiles, fabrics and sewing techniques since the age of 11. As the years passed and my skills and passion grew I was able to open my first handbag shop at the age of 22 in my hometown in Indonesia. I love the process - from idea to paper to textile to work of art. Sometimes it is not easy, but art should not be easy. It should challenge you and it challenges me every day to create something new that has never been created before.


I was born in Salatiga, a small town in Central Java of Indonesia. I did not go to school for design; I just learn from anything and everything i see, and I practice. I really love meeting with other people, and they always bring me new inspirations and new ideas.