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Artist Statement

There is nothing better than sitting down with a lump of raw material and making something useful, beautiful and inspiring. I believe you are never too old to learn. You will rarely see me use the same clay, glazes and techniques twice. I would not say I have a particular “look” or “style” as a potter, and I do not think I ever will. One consistency in my work is the type of pots I make. I mainly make functional pots, meaning my pots can be used in everyday life. To me, the ultimate feeling of satisfaction is holding well thrown, technically beautiful pot. I am very vigilant of the art we as artists put out into the world. Once a pot is fired, it is on our earth indefinitely. Using a material that takes up permanent space has made me very picky about which pieces make it into the kiln, and which ones get chucked in clay recycling.


Kathleen Crozier studied Ceramics and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Studio Art at the University of Kentucky. While selling her work at fairs and small boutiques Kathleen worked as a studio technician at Eastern Kentucky University and was mentored by renowned potters Elmer Craig and Joe Molinaro. She now works in higher education and is pursuing a Master’s degree in Human Development and Leadership. 


Kathleen Crozier