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Artist Statement

Am I an artist now? I’ve been intrigued by that question since childhood and continue to wonder about it today. My expressive works – my ceramic ware, my printmaking, my drawings – come from a muse that has always been with me. Sometimes it’s strong and demanding that I be making something / anything; other times it is subtle, nearly mute, calling me to listen to what is going on around me and incorporate that into the making. Am I an artist? I think it matters more that I keep asking the question than whatever may be the answer.

I don’t have one particular medium or style for creating, though I currently work mostly with ceramics - clay thrown on the wheel and hand built. I am focused on better understanding the lives and creative development of my favorite great artists from the early 20th century, at least for now, and that has involved reading about them, studying and sketching from their works, and incorporating that into what I need to make. It is a process that has gone on among artists for millennia, and I am drawn to be a part of that long path. I hope that you will come along with me and reflect on my journey as you see my work.


Patrick recently returned to South Carolina after many years as a behavioral sciences professor in Florida. His art muse came calling to start making ceramics 20 + years ago, and his ware was displayed and sold in various shows over time, as well as Florida Craft Art and A Little Room for Art in St. Petersburg, FL. He organized and co-curated five shows at his previous college and ended his teaching career in the area of Interdisciplinary Arts. For Patrick, art is woven to the fabric of culture in his community, his home, and the expression of his life. We are alive now, in this moment, and art is a significant part of the living experience.

Patrick enjoys and welcomes discussion regarding art across a broad range of mediums and platforms.

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