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Artist Statement

My work is inspired by the imperfect perfection of nature. I am drawn to the way nature’s touch alters itself and manmade objects. As a part of my process, I gather natural materials such as plants in various stages of metamorphosis or decay and synthetic matter such as rusted implements. To create, I mix media, primarily paint and beeswax to abstract the textures, colors and forms found in the fodder I gather. For me.the natural properties of beeswax lend a softening effect to virtually all materials it touches and is an uncompromising resist element. My compositions can fall into either figurative or abstract categories and often follow themes of isolation and unconformity, which express my personal perceptions and experiences. Beginning with a loose idea of composition and materials, I usually work intuitively allowing the piece to dictate my direction. Recently, I have explored encaustic techniques because of my affinity for beeswax and working intuitively. Plans for future works include using my techniques and ideas on ceramic surfaces.


Susan Eleazer was born and raised in a rural area of Sumter County, SC which left an indelible mark and appreciation of the natural world on her. Having different sensibilities than the culture she was raised in fostered in her the need to experience more of the world. She began that journey by attending Limestone and Columbia College. While a student at Columbia College, she was first introduced to beeswax and the process of batik, which remains pivotal to her art process. She obtained her BA in Art Education from Columbia College in 1981 and landed her first art education job in McCormick, SC teaching middle school. During her 28 years of teaching public school art, Susan was lucky enough to teach on all levels K-12 ending her career at Dorman High school in Roebuck, SC. She married Hal Eleazer in 1983 and they raised two children, Robbie and Laura. After retiring, Susan has chosen to work full time as an artist becoming a member of WMAC in 2016. Membership at WMAC has given her access to an arts community and a place to unfold her wings. She currently serves as Chair of the Workshop at WMAC.