578 West Main Street
Spartanburg, SC  29301
(864) 804 - 6501

            WEST MAIN ARTISTS CO-OP        


WMAC Governing Board Members

President - George “Buck” Brandt, III

Carol Bradof

Wendy Mayrose

Bobby Scruggs

Erin Strickland

WMAC Management Board Officers

Chair – Beth Regula (chair@westmainartists.org)
Vice Chair – Nancy Williamson (v.chair@westmainartists.org)
Secretary – John Lever (secretary@westmainartists.org)
Treasurer – Dennis Regula (treasurer@westmainartists.org)

WMAC Committees


Facilities Chair – Pete Harding (facilities@westmainartists.org)

Helps care for the physical aspect of the Co-op - the building and the grounds. They manage contract employees who work on the facilities.


Exhibitions Chair – Craig Denesha (exhibitions@westmainartists.org)

Main activity is to make the halls and exhibition galleries look fresh and interesting just before each art walk.  They take down art, move it around and add new art.  They also receive and review application request for exhibitions from members and non-members.


Membership Chair – Tom Lowrimore (membership@westmainartists.org)

Receives the applications of prospective new members.  They check references, update membership data bases, interview new applicants and mentor new applicants.


Retail Chair – Alana Hall (retail@westmainartists.org)

Responsible for accepting the work from all members wishing to sell their work.  They arrange the displays, schedule the workers for the retail store, send emails to members to remind them to bring in or pick up work, and work with the finance group to pay the members for sales.


Marketing Chairs – Annette Giaco (marketing@westmainartists.org)

Shares all the news of the Co-op.  They create posters/cards for events, write and distribute press releases to the media, and post our news on social media sites. This committee creates and updates our website and manages our Mail Chimp database. They create brochures and in general do all they can to help share what is happening at the Co-op.


Venue Chair – Dwight Rose (venue@westmainartists.org)

Works with those who wish to use the Venue.  The Venue is our largest exhibition space.  The Venue is used for WMAC member artists exhibitions and is also a space for local and regional artists to exhibit their work.  It is also responsible for making sure the Venue looks good at all times with art on the walls.


Development Chair – Dave Sawyer (fundraising@westmainartists.org)

Writes grants for funding and researches the availability and requirements of various funding/grant opportunities. They also research ideas for fundraisers.


Workshop Chair – Chuck Reback (workshops@westmainartists.org)

Coordinates art classes for the general public.  Inviting local artists and WMAC artist members to host workshops for artists and non-artists alike to participate in the creative community and learn/practice their artistic expression.


Receptions Chair - Patrick DeCrane (receptions@westmainartists.org)

This committee oversees the the food, drinks, and guest services during events.  Committee members coordinate light snacks and drinks for Art Walk, Exhibition openings, and special events.