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Artist Statement

From an early age, I loved art and admired acquaintances that drew well. My own experiments and experiences with drawing and creating have led me to photography, a field that gives me the creative freedom to express conceptual ideas that I have. I found my vision through the writing, and the group process in general, brought me to my chosen career - I am a filmmaker and writer! I draw for fun and take photographs to supplement my income but my passion lies with Multi-Media filmmaking. In my film productions, I strive to create moments and experiences that leave the viewer with a good feeling. I have dedicated myself to this pursuit of filmmaking and will continue to work on it day and night!


Yusif was born by a river (not really), in 1982. Slightly after the institution of the touch-tone phone, he began to draw, and soon envisioned himself becoming a video game fan artist. He would draw for days, hours on end, and often got reprimanded for it. In high school, he told people that he dreamed of becoming a starving artist. From his success exhibiting fully formed ideas in art shows and his school yearbook, Yusif developed a stronger confidence in his conceptual and creative abilities. He earned a degree in Computer Science from Spartanburg Methodist College from which he credits theatre. His art teacher urged him to pursue a creative direction, and so he continued his education in graphic design. Life experience took him down many different paths, before finally reuniting him with his love for photography. Picking up a few music production skills and connections along the way, he made his way back home to Spartanburg, SC, and committed himself to a life of sobriety and film production. Now he works as a commercial producer, screenwriter, designer, and general multi-media artist. Most days he can be found in Downtown Spartanburg or around the West Main Artists Co-op.